Modern Farmhouse Guest Bathroom


I’m so excited to show y’all this adorable bathroom and what I’m calling the Modern Farmhouse Guest Bathroom! Being that this was such a small space, I knew we needed to do something fun! My client wanted it to have some character since it is what guests will use and also because it is off of her main living area. This wallpaper was just what it needed and it turned out great!

You can follow along with the rest of this beautiful home on my client’s Instagram account, Three Fillies Farm. She’s documented their home build and all that goes with it! While also raising three beautiful little girls 😉

This is definitely a tight space so that’s why there aren’t that many images. But the details all really speak for themselves and stand out perfectly!

It looks like we wallpapered the mirror too (hehe) but it’s just reflecting the wallpaper perfectly.

There was no way to shoot this room without what happening.


Wallpaper – Magnolia Home at Home Depot
Vanity – Lowe’s (similar)
Mirror – Amazon
Floor Tile – Home Depot
Tile Grout (Charcoal) – Home Depot
Faucet – Amazon
Towel Ring – Amazon
Vanity Lights – Amazon
“Wash your Hands” Sign – Target
Hand Towel – Target (similar)
Potted Plant – Home Goods

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